Five Christian Principles

I have learned many principles from the Lord in my profession, both as an independent principal and during my tenure as a manager and associate in one of America's major architectural firms. I would like to share five of these:

I. Knowing God's Will

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is required from the very first questions of WHAT God wants us to do to all the HOW and WHERE questions that will follow.

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II. Planning for a Long Future in God

It is essential to make a MASTER PLAN in order to prevent tragic and expensive mistakes. Both the first and second comings of Christ were planned before the foundations of the world.

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III. Using Anointed, Professional Help

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit enhances creativity and good craftsmanship. Thorough professional education and experience cannot be underestimated, but the wisdom of God is crucial to the success of any project. Moses received details from God on how to build the portable tabernacle and David likewise received plans and specifications for the incomparable temple Solomon was to build. I believe the entire creation teaches us that God pays attention to details and is quality-oriented. Creation also demonstrates the excellent results of integrating function, proportion, and beauty. Just as fine sermons take many hours of listening to God and refining thoughts in a fashion to make the best possible presentation, so it is with planning and design. The best solution rarely comes instantly. Sufficient time spent at this phase can save much money and aggravation later.

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IV. Following Legal Ordinances and True Stewardship

Knowing and following laws related to zoning and building standards, as well as professional and trade qualifications, not only pleases God and enhances our Christian witness, but also guards against a project failure and/or the spending of additional funds to correct mistakes. While there is always room in any building project for those who wish to donate their time and skills, financial remuneration is usually required for the bulk of materials, labor, and services. Therefore, fund-raising and integration of the paid and volunteer workers are critical issues that require much prayer, organization, and professional guidance.

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V. Following Through

"The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...", is the way the old saying goes. Therefore, it is necessary to follow through once a plan has been determined. When a good start is made, applying patience and realistic cost/scheduling factors keep the project on track and make it a success to the glory of God. Building can be a most exciting and rewarding time for your church. Everyone can be brought closer together and focused on the vision God has given to you for your local expression of the Body of Christ. These principles help make it happen in a smooth and fruitful way.

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